Ginger Prices

At some retailers, the price of fresh ginger has recently shot up! Here are a few examples.

This month, the price of fresh ginger at one major South African retailer increased by about 10%.

That’s not too dramatic, but at another major SA retailer, over a period of a month and a half, the price of fresh ginger per kg doubled!

Why such a massive increase in price? There are several possible reasons. Firstly, South Africa’s ginger harvest has yet to begin, and the harvest in the Far East has apparently been poor this year. Secondly, it may be that more people are brewing their own ginger beer while the ban on alcohol sales remains in place. And thirdly, South Africa is in the middle of a second wave of COVID-19, and it’s possible that ginger is being used extensively in home remedies.

We did also find that some retailers have managed to keep their prices consistent, so if you find that your local store has increased the price of ginger dramatically, it may be a good idea to try a different retailer.


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