Tomato Prices

Last week, we heard about a sudden increase in the price of tomatoes and bananas.

We had a look our data and were shocked to see how much tomato prices have increased over the last two months. Banana prices have also increased, but not quite as dramatically.

It turns out that there is a shortage of tomatoes in South Africa at the moment. Apparently, this is due to damage caused by heavy rains that occurred in some of the major tomato growing regions in the country, and a sudden increase in the populations of harmful insects.

Tomato prices

So, how much have tomato prices increased?

At one of South Africa’s major retailers, the price of a kilogram of “English” tomatoes has increased by 0% since the start of February.

At another major retailer, the price of a kilogram of loose tomatoes has increased by 0%!

Overall, the price of tomatoes (excluding the smaller varieties) has increased by about 8% since the start of February.

That’s a rather steep increase! There’s a clear correlation between the current shortage of tomatoes and the dramatic increase in price. Let’s hope that tomato crops make a quick recovery, and that we see a return to more affordable prices soon.

Banana prices

Banana prices have also increased since the start of February, however, it’s more likely that these price increases are related to the banana season coming to an end.


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