Apples, bananas and oranges have become a lot cheaper over the past few months.
Gym users have had to exercise from home during lockdown. Has the price of exercise equipment increased?
Coca-Cola is one of the largest soft drink manufacturers in the world. Recently, they've changed some of their products in response to the sugar tax and increasing calls to reduce plastic waste.
Home-brewed pineapple beer has been a popular drink while alcohol sales have been prohibited. How has this affected the price of pineapples?
The national lockdown has required many South Africans to work from home. Has the price of home office equipment increased during this time?


Do prices increase before “gifting holidays”? Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Boss’s Day, Halloween and Christmas… these are just some of the many “gifting holidays” that are scattered throughout the year.
Do heater prices increase in winter?


An index reflecting changes in the average price of alcohol in South Africa.
Courtesy of COVID-19, two items have become hot commodities: hand sanitiser and face masks. In this post we’ll take a quick look at the price of hand sanitiser from a range of retailers using data from Trundler.


It’s possible that Dischem will be fined for inflated prices on face masks. Let’s take a look at the data in Trundler to see if this is warranted. It certainly looks like those prices have increased appreciably in the period prior to lockdown.